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Route - Manipulate network routing tables - Windows CMD ROUTE.exe. Manipulate network routing tables. Route packets of network traffic from one subnet to another by modifying the route table. Syntax Display route details: ROUTE [-f] PRINT [destination_host] [MASK subnet_mask_value] [gateway] [METRIC metric] [IF interface_no.]Add a route: ROUTE [-f] [-p] ADD [destination_host] [MASK subnet_mask_value] [gateway] [METRIC metric] [IF interface_no.] routing - Adding route automatically after a successful My route command is ok. If I launch it manually after connecting the VPN everything works fine. Of course, my VPN connection doesn't use the remote gateway as a default gateway. I want to do "split tunneling". I investigated and the Windows event 20225 is still the same on … [SOLVED] How can I route traffic between two network

Jul 14, 2020

Add or remove persistent (static) routes in Microsoft Windows. Windows server 2012 r2 with virtual machines also win 2012 r2. I am assigning pubic ip’s to the virtual machine like: route add IF 14 –p where is a public ip. However if I restart the Host, the routes ( persistant ) still exist in route print but aren’t working.

#68 (Windows route add command failed) – OpenVPN Community

Dec 09, 2011