How To Block Websites on Windows 10 with Host File

How to Block Facebook App and Website on Mac Method 2: Block FaceBook websites on Mac Using Terminal. Open up Terminal in /Application/Utilities on your Mac. Open the "Terminal" application and type in "sudo nano /etc/hosts" in the command line. Type your admin password for your Mac at the prompt when asked. Your Mac's hosts file in TextEdit mode within Terminal will appear in the screen. How to Edit the Hosts File on macOS (Mac OS X) Apr 04, 2020 Blocking youtube, hosts file dont cut it - Questions Dec 09, 2007

How to Block Websites in Windows 8’s Hosts File

Sep 19, 2019 Please tell me how to unblock site from Hosts File?

The only thing you wont be able to block is some app that has a Facebook analytics or Facebook login dependency inside e.g. Spotify. TAForObvReasons on Mar 21, 2018 what is the recommended iOS way of blocking the facebook domains?

Jun 22, 2020 Hosts Block Hosts Block: The lightweight program is very simple to use and absolutely no advanced knowledge is required to employ it. Specifically, the application works by updating the Windows default hosts file with external information on potential online threats. How to block an access to Facebook? Here is a step by step Write the following website after the IP address:; 5. It is also possible to block the mobile version of the webpage in order to steer clear of entering the site. Write the usual Facebook address and add an “m.” before it; 6. Save the new “Hosts” file instead of the old one: Press the “File” button and choose “Save as”; Block Adobe Photoshop CC Activation using Windows HOSTS