If you don't want anyone that can see your local traffic (local network snooping, your ISP, etc) knowing that you are connecting to Tor then establishing a VPN connection (use UDP if you can) is good. It does not add to anonymity in general but does cloak your Tor use.

VPN and Tor: can they be used simultaneously? You can use both Tor and VPN at the same time. The first method is accessing the Tor network by connecting to a VPN server beforehand. In this case, the Tor entry node operator will not see your IP and your ISP won’t know you’re using Tor. Why Do You Need a VPN in the Dark Web? | VPN Service VPN is a powerful tool for data protection and online anonymity. You can use VPN to browse the Internet safely and reliably anywhere in the world without worrying about hackers, spies, and malware attacks. However, if you use VPN and Tor together, you can protect yourself and make Tor more secure. How to Use Tor With a VPN: Tutorial to Install IPVanish Jun 24, 2019 Should I be using a VPN with Tor? : TOR - reddit You live in a country where Tor is dangerous to use. You have to find a way to hide it. You must realize that tor sends packets of the same size to avoid fingerprinting of the traffic, but this is unique to Tor. A VPN or meek bridge hides the connection to Tor with something innocent, but still exposes Tor usage on close examination.

Is a VPN anonymous enough or do I also need to use TOR?

Is Tor Trustworthy and Safe? (Read This Before Using Tor) Oct 29, 2019 Use VPN And Tor Together - VPNShazam Feb 21, 2019

How to Use a VPN on Your iPhone To set up a Virtual Private Network on your iPhone, you'll need a VPN app. You'll need to do some research to find a provider you like. To help you save some time, we've compiled a list of the best VPN services on the market. Our picks for the best iPhone VPNs are: NordVPN CyberGhost VPN IPVanish Generally

Mar 20, 2017 · TOR vs. VPN – Anonymity has become the basic need for every internet user in today’s era. When we want to browse the internet anonymously, there are many ways to do so. The two most common ways are: Virtual Private Network (VPN) The Onion Router (TOR) TOR and VPNs often get compared side-by-side as competing products.