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Use iMessage apps on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Oct 18, 2019 What Does Hide Alerts Mean for a Text Message on My iPhone Aug 16, 2018 Filter and block messages on iPhone - Apple Support Go to Settings > Messages. Turn on Filter Unknown Senders. This turns off iMessage notifications from senders who aren’t in your contacts and sorts the messages into the Unknown Senders tab in the Messages list. You canʼt open any links in a message from an unknown sender until you add the sender to your contacts or reply to the message.

Apr 28, 2019 · How to Hide Photos on the iPhone 6S. When it comes to hiding photos on the iPhone 6S and other devices, Apple makes it easy for us as there is actually a dedicated way to “hide” the photos. All you have to do is open the Photos app and tap on the photo(s) you want to hide. When selected, tap the Share icon in the bottom left corner and then

Jul 25, 2019 How to Find Hidden Text Messages/Facebook Messages on iPhone Mar 10, 2020 ‎Hide Messages on the App Store

For apps like Messages or FaceTime, you need to edit the "Always Allowed" section of Screen Time to remove them for the limit to be enabled. You can disable access to Messages and ‌FaceTime

Mar 02, 2017 4 Best Ways to Hide Text Messages on Your iPhone | TechBoomers Oct 29, 2017 Quick Answer: How To Hide Messages On Ios 10? - OS Today One of the easiest ways to hide text messages on the iPhone is to turn off the message preview that appears on the Lock screen. This does not hide messages or lock messages in your Messages app but it will keep a preview of the content of the message from … How to hide messages and message notifications on your